Real Estate Players: Building Your Media The Right Way

Rooftop deck of Boston’s Collonade Hotel. Courtesy Bushari.

One great thing about living around Boston is the constant availability of beautiful apartments, condos, and other real estate. At least once a day, I poke around various websites looking at new developments; however, there’s something that has always bothered me about a majority of luxurious living sites: lack of any sort of video or music.

Now I’d love to sit there and browse through your gallery of images, but that’s tedious. As a millennial (your target market, by the way), my attention span is pretty limited.

Here’s an example of what I’m getting at: when ultra-luxury developer Millennium Partners began their Millennium Tower project in Boston, I was beyond excited. My very first visit to their website was greeted with a stunning slideshow of the new tower, with its incredible views and superior design. It was backed with perfect music. Sunset shots of my favorite city through the view of Millennium’s floor-to-ceiling windows instantly caught my attention, and I fell in love. I was taken on a journey away from my studio and placed directly into their new tower. That was two years ago. To this day, I still sit on Millennium Tower’s website dreaming of the condominium that could someday be mine. Here’s the video in question:

Having a well-rounded video with the right music showing off your luxurious living spaces may be the deciding factor when it comes to potential lessees and buyers. The effect background music has on consumer purchasing decisions has already been proven. All you need is a simple video to get potential customers to fantasize about living in your spaces. You’ll win them over quickly, and your competitors won’t be able to keep up.

One could argue that pricing, location, and additional amenities have the greatest impact, but those will seldom matter if you can capture the emotions of your potential customers and put them right in your space. If you’re feeling particularly bold, place a music player on your site to provide background music anyway, regardless of any video—it will be just as effective.

Keep the photo gallery, but put emphasis on the following:

  1. Get videos on your leasing site—it can be a series of images or a montage of video clips.
  2. Put a contemporary ambient track in the background—make sure you license it properly.
  3. Share your simple, killer new marketing piece.

Browse your competitors’ sites. How many are already doing this?

My guess is very few. I’ve done a lot of investigating, and I’m still surprised at the low amount of developers taking this route.

Don’t know where to start looking for music? I can help with that. Last year I started writing my own series of tracks specifically for this use. You can check out that library here.

To learn more about the power of music and media, head down to the comments section and subscribe for future weekly Write-ups. See you next week!

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