My Brand’s Pivot (and its Success)

This is the logo for Playup Music.

In the first half of 2016, I decided to pivot how I was going to brand my music.
Thanks to my friends at Pixability Incorporated, Haelphon has now been used in several commercials and other digital forms of media.

This triggered a new set of thoughts for me. For the longest time, I had spent my music “career” trying to somehow hit fame and fortune. Every artist hopes that one day they wake up surrounded by viral fame. Rarely ever is this the case. I decided that I needed to stop trying to become some overnight sensation and instead focus on providing music to clients privately.

With the help of my friend and colleague Bill, I began reaching out to music licensing services in hopes of getting my tracks into companies’ catalogues. After more than a month, I heard back from a company based in Australia called Playup Music whose clientele included companies like Victoria’s Secret and Armani. We signed a non-exclusive deal and some of my music can be found here through their website’s media player.

My success rate was around 50%. Out of my four different submissions to separate companies, I had heard back successfully from two; the first being Playup and the second being CrucialMusic, which licenses for TV and film. I currently await their contract.

As a producer with a library of almost entirely instrumentals, I feel like this pivot was a great way to go. I look forward to spreading my tunes further.

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