Five Fashion Brands Raising The Bar Through Instagram Video

In my early adult life, I went through several personal fashion evolutions. When I started freshman year of high school, I had no sense of style and no idea where to find one. Sophomore year, I gained a weak sense of style started tweaking my wardrobe. I broke out the classic flannel and jeans virtually every day and continued that trend for two more years.

A few weeks before I began college, I decided it was time for another wardrobe update; I knew more about style and had a better idea of how I wanted to present myself. I also conveniently now had Instagram, which played a vital role in my fashion evolution. Easily-accessible images meant I had an actual platform where I could learn more about men’s fashion.

Fast forward to now, where my styles have evolved rapidly to be both unique and trendy. Like my music, which is currently being used by fashion companies in their brand videos, my sense of style was evolving. Today, I’m obsessed with all facets of the industry, and as both a creative and a fan, I follow brands that captivate me through content.

Here are five fashion brands that have officially raised the bar on Instagram:

Calvin Klein.


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This piece says a lot in its brief noir tone. The positions of the models tell viewers that these lines make individuals, yet function well together. The supporting song, You’re Mine by Oscar And The Wolf, emphasizes the very prevalent heat, tension, and edginess. Let’s not forget that powerful moment as the chorus drops and the models finally form up together. By far one of my favorite fashion videos this year.


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Chanel’s new sunglasses line featured serious callbacks to some of their iconic styles. Ringing in the new season was the incredible Lottie Moss, sporting the retro shades to the classic rock tune Too Many Girls by The Mystery Lights. Everything about this video, from the music, to the glasses, to the colors, is perfection.


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This is how you inspire. In 29 seconds, Nike made me connect to their product more than I ever had before. As Eliud Kipchoge runs, we are met with cheers and an emotional musical score. If that doesn’t motivate you to go out and tackle your day, I don’t know what will. Simple and beautiful—that’s all we ever need.

Steve Madden.


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Here comes Steve Madden’s Summer 2017 wave. Bold clothes means making a bold statement, right? This is exactly what a fashion line announcement should be down to the editing. Through their strong styles and amazing video, Steven Madden is pulling audiences directly into their collection of hip clothing.

Tom Ford.

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A good perfume is immersive. The team at Tom Ford understands this. There’s charming narration by Tom Ford himself. There’s a musical piece that conveys infinite elegance. And to top it off, there are pure, captivating visuals. I am positive that you, like me, were immersed in the wonders of Neroli Portofino.

There are plenty of brands making serious strides through content. These five have published videos that have stood out to me in many ways, leaving me both inspired and eager to see what they will do in the future.

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Zach Ciampa produces and licenses music under the pseudonym Haelphon. He has spent the last ten years working both independently and with global brands and agencies helping them amplify their message and excite their audiences through the power of successful music selection and integration into their videos, social media, and events. To view his audio collection, visit the Music Library tab on the top menu.


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