It’s no surprise that growing up in the height of the dance music era led by titans like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia would have the power to shape a young songwriter’s future. That’s what sparked the jump for twenty-something-year-old producer, singer, and songwriter Haelphon. Once a preteen with a music production hobby, now a young adult with a vision to revive the pop electronic genre into the modern era, Haelphon is a Boston native (now residing in New York City) with an unmatched style blend of introspective writing and danceable pop.

In recent years, Haelphon’s music has been the backing for major global projects including cult television shows and international advertisements. Garnering over 15 million broadcast hits and over 200,000 streams across streaming platforms, he’s maintained a consistent sense of both authenticity and commercial prowess.

Today’s wild world highlights the need for a deeper purpose. Music has the potential to become a space for so many people to retreat and that’s the aim Haelphon has for all of his projects. Just sit back, relax, and let the tunes carry you through the life written just for you.